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Dock rules and regulations

  1. The dock is owned by the Giżycko Municipality and administered by the City Sport and Recreation Centre in Giżycko.
  2. Correct operation of the dock and its supervision within the scope of safety, order and peace are managed by the Director of Ekomarina with the assistance of the petty officer (Dock Master's Office).
  3. Persons staying within the area of the dock are obligated to abide by the instructions of the dock service team within the scope of safety and order.
  4. Entering / exiting from the dock and stopover of sailing yachts in the dock proceeds only with the mast raised and no sails.
  5. Passenger ships with the maximum length of the hull of 35 m can enter the dock.
  6. Each entering and exiting of passenger ships should be agreed on with the Dock Master's office by radio or phone.
  7. Mooring of passenger ships proceeds on the stand designated and indicated by the Dock Master's Office.
  8. The Dock Master's Office maintains the register of mooring watercraft.
  9. Permits for slipping and mooring of a watercraft, putting up a tent and placing a camper van or a trailer are issued by the Dock Master's Office.
  10. All formalities related to the stopover of a watercraft, putting up a tent
    and placing a camper van or a trailer together with the applicable fee should be made in the booking office of the Dock Master's Office immediately after mooring, arriving.
  11. The dock fee is paid after filling in the "Stopover/Stay Declaration" (not applicable to a stopover of up to 3 hours). The dock service team can request an identity document to be produced.
  12. In case of a stopover/stay of more than 3 hours it is required to pay a fee for each person according to the price list.
  13. It is the responsibility of the persons staying in the dock to secure their property against damage or theft.
  14. Rescue and fire-fighting equipment being the property of the dock can be used only for rescue purposes.
  15. Boats are to be moored to the quay or the y-boom in a way that prevents lines from breaking or enables other watercraft to moor.
  16. It is forbidden to leave loose mooring lines outside of a watercraft.
  17. Halliards are to be secured against making noise.
  18. Safety of underage children staying in the area of the dock is the responsibility of their legal guardians.
  19. In the dock basin as well as in all area of the dock it is forbidden to:

- sail in full sails,

- cast an anchor,

- make waves,

- wash yachts, camper vans and trailers with the use of detergents,

- wash dishes outside the designated area,

- pour or throw overboard any impurities whatsoever,

- leave rubbish outside of designated containers,

- swim in the dock basin,

- make a campfire or grill outside the designated area,

- walk or leave dogs without a leash or a muzzle,

- damage the green,

- leave switched on electrical or gas devices unattended,

- entering a yacht without the consent of the watercraft manager,

- arbitrary change of a stopover stand,

- conduct not in compliance with the marine code of conduct and in a way that puts your own safety and the safety of others in danger.

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